Remember how excited you were when you first started doing this work? I thknk we can all agree, the work is darned exciting at times. You never know where you are going to wind up or when whether it is in the gorgeous mountains of Utah(I cried when we drove to Bryce Canon during the sunset) or the concrete mountains of New York looking up at the World Trade Center in awe, back then. Who could have possibly known it would no longer be there.

Well, after 35 years, I thought I had seen it all. Things were getting to be awful routine and repetitious.

But then, I thought of my beautiful Golden Retriever Gracie. Do you know in her nine years of life she has gone on over 3000 walks, eaten over 6000 meals–the same food, day in day out, week in, week out month in, month out. But when I tell her “dinner is served”, her reaction is ALWAYS the same, she is SO excited she can ot keep still. As I walk out with her food, she literally flips through the air four times and barks with excitement. Or when I just reach for her collar and it makes the slightest sound, no matter where she is in the house she comes flying down the stairs and knows she is going “bye byes”. I don’t even want to tell you what happens when I say “play ball”. She is a retriever, after all.

When I come home from a hard day, she acts like she hasn’t seen me in ages and she licks me all over the face.

What is it about a dog’s brain that allows it to retain that zest for life?

Why can’t we all continue to have that for our work?

I hear an awful lot of complaints from people about clients, lawyers, deadlines, lack of proper information. And you know what? No one complains louder than me sometimes.

What we often lose site of is the client. The lawyer has done this a thousand times, but it is the FIRST time for the client. THAT is where our focus should be. The best advertisement is a job well done. It is very gratifying to me to get a heartfelt letter of thanks from a grateful client. THAT is why I continue to do this work and cope with the “business” the best I can. Maybe I don’t flip through air four times. Afterall, I am older and certainly don’t want to get hurt, but I do feel a great sense of gratitude that God has allowed me to serve my clients, helping them to navigate a system that can be quite overwhelming, especially when justice has not prevailed for them.

May we all continue to remember why we do what we do and for whom. I know it maintains my enthusiasm for the work. I hope it does for you to.

Best, Bob

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