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In keeping with what I said earlier about serving our clients, as I get older,(notice I did not say I am in old age-which Oliver Wendall Holmes describes as 15 years older than I am right now) one of the things that I find really motivates me is to help my clients find justice in an unjust world.

Because of the work I have chosen, or should I say, God has chosen for me, the field of Questioned Documents, God has given me a unique opportunity to help my clients do just that-find justice. Although, it may not always be through the court system. Oliver Wendall Holmes also said to an unhappy liitigant: “Sir this is a court of law, not a court of justice”

As one who has suffered many injustices throughout life, as I am sure many of you have also, my passions are aroused when I encounter a situation where my client has suffered an injustice. I may not be able to solve all of the injustices that exist in the world, but in my little corner of the universe, God has given me the chance to do good things even though, the task may seem daunting at times.

But I am reminded of the late Monsignor Francis Callahan from my church when he gave a sermon about our true power to change things and bring justice to an unjust world. He quoted the following poem from a great Mexican Poet Amado Nervo: “Alone we are only a spark, but in spirit we are a fire. Alone we are only a string, but in spirit we are a lyre. Alone we are only an anthill, but in spirit we are a mountain. Alone we are only a drop, but in spirit we are a fountain. Alone we are only a feather, but in spirit we are a wing. Alone we are only a beggar, but in spirit we are a king.

Yes, we are never alone. In concert with God and like minded others we can unite to solve virtually any problem

We may not always find justice in an imperfect world, but we will always find justice in the end. Remember, there may be a higher purpose that we may not always understand when we are experiencing the situation.  The court system is run by people and people are imperfect so the truth and justice will not always prevail.

We will learn from our injustices so that we may help others not suffer our fate. THAT is one of my missions in doing this work and the true reason for your encounter with the “justice” system. Remember, you are helping to move the justice system toward perfection, knowing you will never get there but trying nonetheless. I feel that we all, as Document Examiners have that responsibility to serve our clients by seeking truth and justice for our clients

Finally, as Oliver Wendall Holmes also said: “It is not where we stand that matters, but the direction in which we are moving”

We all must strive for the ideal even though we may not always get there.

Best, Bob

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