Many people are writing books and telling us how they got started writing. .With me one of my favorite shows as a child was “Leave It To Braver” Where he stated writing a diary at age 12-“Went to School Ater Lunch, came home” So I started keeping a diary at age 12. My life was about as far removed from Beasver’s as possible. and it started by being 2 months premature at 1.6 lbs w/Hydrocephalus SO severe the brain surgeon told my Mother he had only seen 5 babies le me and they were either profoundly retarded or dead. But what followed., part of which is written n the net on my web site DocumentExaminer.Org. has astounded ANYONE who has et me. So it starts w/chapter one: THE AMAZING BIRTH” Aand will be followed by all of the AMAZING chapters of my story, still unfolding w/the writing of my 3 books and 40 plus poems I have written and am still in the act of writing, many of which are on FB and my web site.. The advantage I had was that was I was a Handwriting Expert since age 12 and could review my own handwriting in my 45 years as a Handwriting Expertw/over 45 years in court ad over 500 court appearances- So please stay tuned for part two


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