Many doctors let thousands die and I am not quite sure of the reason why

And no my friends its not very funny

but sadly it seems its all about money

The networks all ignore the truth

Even about working on your tooth

I have used silver for many years

And have not had one cavity or painful tears

But its much more serious than your gums

It seems the AMA and doctor all are scums

They let people die despite all the cures

And their ignorance I really deplore

But what gets me more are the thousands of people who ignore

Are the natural cures that gave us for free

Many of which can be found in a tree

How the news and doctors can let thousands die

Is something I can’t understand why

How they can say they DO NOT know

Of the healing plants that nature does grow

Is something that is VERY bad

Aand makes thousands of families VERY sad

So maybe now that we have the net

The existing CURES will be easy to get

And all the doctors and the AMA will finally be of another day

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