Litigation is becoming increasingly complex today with our ever expanding technology that the average judge or jury finds is often beyond their comprehension(except for the average 8 year old) But us older folks are often totally lost w/the computers today, much less the “smart phones”. I still use a flip phone from Walmart.

My point is that judges and juries are often VERY reluctant to rule on certain cases without the help of experts and experts can be expensive–good ones at least. The legal world is full of “cheap” experts, but you know the saying: “You get what you pay for. Now to a lot of attorneys whose goal is to delay and obfuscate when they know they are on the “wrong” side of the case, will hire the cheapest expert, especially if their opponent is the one without the money and can’t really afford extended litigation.It then becomes a war of attrition until the poor litigant drops out, even if he’s in the right. Judges are often overwhelmed with cases and it seems their only concern is to clear their dockets and will twist the arm of a weaker litigant to get the case to go away. As William Jennings Bryant, fame Supreme Court Justice once told such a litigant: “Sir, this is a court of law-not a court of justice” Laws are passed by the rich and powerful to favor the rich and powerful, not the average person. So unless your case is “open and shut”, don’t expect to win over a rich and powerful client or entity. That is why it took a Civil War to get rid the the country of slavery even though Thomas Jefferson said in the 1700’s “All Men are created equal” or why it took until 1954 for blacks to get an education equal to that of whites. The list goes on and on. And the powers that be at the time deluded themselves into thinking that what they were doing or not doing was the right thing. Were they REALLY that stupid or just plain dishonest And if you think racism is gone, you are fooling yourself. It has just gone underground like all the other discrimination we still face today such as the gay situation today. Do you REALLY think that those with the money and power are going to give it up, much less share it. What world are YOU living in? Things might be a little better, but that’s only because many, unwilling to change were forced to do so, not because they really wanted to.

And chief among the resisters to real change, are the lawyers and jujdges. This is why Shakespeare said, hundreds of years ago about regaining control of the government: “The first thing we have to do is kill all the lawyers”. Now certainly, no one today would say such a thing, but I am sure a lot of people certainly have thought about iti given the way SOME lawyers have abused their power and the courts reluctance to call them to task unless there is a “smoking gun”. But unfortunately that leaves an awful lot of room for skulduggery with very little chance of being exposed, much less something being done about it.

So let me know what YOU think

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