There was a time when the legal profession in the United States enjoyed a great reputation around the time of our founding fathers culmination in the example of Abraham Lincoln, not that there haven’t been great lawyers since. But it seems the great lawyers are few and far between these days. Lawyers are some of the most hated people and their suicide rate is among the highest of most professions. I wonder why that is? After all, complete command  of one’s  profession as a lawyer, allows him to wield great power in any legal situation, but as I quoted Lord Acton to Judge Gawthrop when he blasted my testimony as an expert in a major case: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” He demonstrated his principles and integrity though, when in the same case, he later reversed himself saying” With reference the testimony of Mr. Phillips, the court should eat crow” when he admitted I was correct n my testimony then dropped dead not long after, going to heaven an honest man.

The problem is though that even if a judge is dead wrong, the cost of appeal for the average person is beyond their reach and most lawyers will not take the time to proceed to correct an injustice on principle and there is no recourse for the litigant victimized by such an injustice and the answer they get when they raise it in the media is “tough, we have more important things on our mind” like Action News in Philaldelphia recently reported on the late news as I was trying to go to sleep about the poor women killed in a head on collision(something that could happen to ANYBODY) when a drunk driver or distracted driver loses control of their car), leaving a husband and two small children behind. This is certainly tragic, but how is it news and what GOOD does it do to report it. All it accomplished for me was to make me  worry about the poor husband left to raise his two small children alone.

The average person no longer has the ability or finances or interest of anyone who could help to correct these injustices. But what is more tragic about that is that no one cares or is willing to help correct problems like this.

The legal system is simply NOT available to even the middle class any more so they have little hope of finding justice against a wealthier adversary who may be totally wrong n his action but has the money to wear down a litigant who cant pay and the judges who have SOME AUTHORITY TO CORRECT THIS LOOK THE OTHER WAY OR WORSE.

ACLU is a waste of time. They are only looking for major publicity

People need to speak up, but most are not like me who called Congressman Andrews office EVERY DAY FOR TWO AND A HALF YEARS to finally get action.By not speaing up to correct these problems, we ultimately have ourselves to blame.

Today, with Social Media, it doesn’t take much to bring these problems to public awareness, but we still need to ACT. Lawyers and politicians won’t do ANYTHING unless forced, even when they know the person is correct in their assertions. They don’t want to do anything that is not popular even if right because getting re-elected is more important than integrity and principle. They don’t want to give up the “gravy train”.

How bad do things have to get before action takes place. As for the law, one place to start is to get rid of lawyer ads. Most people find them DISGUSTING and we existed without them for years. They only encourage lazy lawyers to look for ways to make a quick buck with little effort, not actually help people. They don’t fight for the client. As soon as ANY offer is made, they convince the litigant to settle, lest they lose(and of course the lawyer gets no contingency fee-that is if the litigant is lucky enough to find a lawyer to work on contingency. Forcing the client to pay means large numbers of litigants don’t get justice because of the cost..

Most people are not at all pleased with our legal system today, unless they are wealthy, in which case, some llawyers will greatly pad the bill when there is a deep pocket

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