For the average person who cant afford a lawyer to take their case, as long as you feel your case is valid and you have the facts to back it up, presenting it on the net may be the answer and let the public decide. It won’t get you money usually, but it may get you vindication and may help others in the same boat

I think we can all degree that access to the legal system is no longer available even to the middle class individual. Even those avenues designed to help them such as “Small Claims Court” and Arbitration are a farce to many who have tried and failed in these venues

But “social media” will certainly get your issue to the public, faster than the courts will and you may get more action quicker than tying your case up in court at great time and expense. You may not get much money doing so, but sometimes all people want is vindication for their grievance and want people to hear them.

There are likely tens of thousands of legitimate cases each year in this country that never see the light of day in a court room because some lawyer doesn’t think it is worth the effort no matter how valid it may be. These lawyers are NOT interested in justice, just making money and the well meaning lawyers who work at Legal Aid groups are so overwhelmed, justice is not possible, as was recently pointed out on “Sixty Minutes”. The system is broken, thus justice is not avalable to the poor and powerless.

We are here on this earth to help people. Pleading your case on the net, as I said, may not get you money uusually, unless your story is SO unusual that it is fodder for a book but it MAY help others to avoid the problem you encountered or they MAY be one of those individuals who CAN afford a lawyer and you may help them with their case. As Jesus said: “Bread cast upon the waters comes back ten fold”. It is ALWAYS  a good idea to put your info out there because you just don’t know who you are helping and who may help you. And it is not just legal matters but anything. As Dean Del Tessto says in his book: “Change Your Thinking” Google your problem and you might be amazed at who has the same problem and also the answer for you. This is another reward of searching the net that was not previously available and the cost is minimal but it also emphasizes the need to post your story as long it is true and can be verified. You are always entitled to your opinion about anything as long as you label iti as such.

Perhaps we need to go to the system in England of “loser pays”. Or allow paralegals to file cases  for arbitration with automatic appeal by either side,  should the case fail to settle. The whole idea is to allow EVERYONE to address their grievances and have a chance to be treated fairly  and feel they are being heard and yes obtain justice.

Your thoughts are appreciated. Please contact me on Facebook, not here-too many worthless spammers. Robert J. Phillips, Associates. You may also call my cell 856-278-1360 or email DocumentExpert@Comcast.not. Spammers will be blocked so don’t waste your time.

You just never know who might be reading your blog. You just have to be PATIENT AND PERSISTENT, like my mother allways told me as a child. You just can’t let them win. so whatever your method, bug them EVERY DAYuntio you get the answer you deserve.

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