I have an on going case with the above board concerning a well known lawyer I can’t name as yet as no final ruling has been made by the PA Supreme Court though I believe Mr. Paul Burgoyne, Chief Disciplinary Counsel in the Philadelphia office is covering up blatant misconduct by this lawyer.  These are the facts on the record at the moment in court in Philadelphia

The attorney hired me as an Handwriting Expert representing his client in a criminal action involving her signature. I did EXTENSIVE work on the case, but the attorney never provided the required information to me allowing me to complete my work so I could not reach a final opinion, but I DID  provide EXTENSIVE  questions to assist in the cross examination of the states expert and had three detailed conversations with the attorneys staff to assist at trial.

Apparently the defendant was not satisfied having bought a more favorable from another expert.

I received a demand letter from the attorney obviously representing his client  asking for a full refund which stated in part: “You are not capable of assisting MY client in this matter due to…your lack of professionalism…and work you provided was deficient” Only another expert could make that determination. I provided to the attorney 12 pages of work product, including an extensive three page report listing my findings and revewing the report of the state’s expert and 25 pages of evidence.

I provided to the attorney and the Ethics Committee copies of all this

I never met or spoke to the client(she did not speak English)nor did I have a signed contract w/her. My agreement was with the attorney and it was recorded as I record ALL my calls in New Jersey, it being a “one party permission” state for the recording of phone calls. He told me he would have her drop her groundless law suit. Relying on that fact, I did not appear in court and learned a judgement was entered against me. The attorney lied. When I contacted the attorney and confronted him about this, he threatened to go to the “authorities” if I filed a law suit–a blatant ethics violation.

I filed an appeal of the judgment and was able to have it vacated and in the process of filing a counter claim against the client and the attorney in Federal Court in Camden and looking for counsel to file a claim against the attorney’s malpractice carrier.

But I have to say that in my over 40 years as an expert I have never encountered such blatant incompetence such as that in the Philadelphia Court. How does judge Bradley Moss find a judgment for $2300.00 against me in favor of a women I never met who does not speak English and provided NO written contract and no the Disciplinary office in Philadelphia covers up blatant unethical misconduct by a prominent Philadelphia lawyer who threatened to go to the authorities if I sued and denied in a letter he hired me in a prior case in Federal Court where I had to sue him and levy his bank account to get paid.

I find such deceit and incompetence by the Committee and the court to be outrageous and will not stand for it

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