I have been a writer ever since I saw the episode on “Leave it to Beaver” where he began keeping a diary. I was 12 at the time and I am 68 now and have been keeping diaries and journals ever since(maybe). When you keep a diary or journal it is supposed to be an every day thing-right? Well one of the things that stoped me dead in my tracks was when my wife started to read them.

Now mind you, I wasn’t hiding any secret affairs and most of what I have written, I have discussed with her many times BUT!!! You don’t keep diaries and journals for other people to read. You write them for YOURSELF. If you choose to share parts of them say for a book, that is entirely up to you. It is your choice, but your whole state of mind changes about your writing when you think there is even the slightest possibility someone else may read in. Inthe famous “Beaver” episode, the parents read his diary when he did not come home to find out where he might be. Beaver was devastated and the parents apologized, but the damage ws done-just like my wife reading my diaries. Fortunately we have gooten past that and she KNOWS  that is  a MAJOR NO NO. But I still have not resumed daily writing in my diaries. Most of my writing today is on Facebook-quite a different genre to be sur, though I can be pretty candid about my life,especially my recent penile cancer were I had to have my penis removed. Why do I share such an intimate detail about myself-very simple TO SAVE LIVES. Men who are not circumcised have a much higher risk of getting penile cancer and 30% of them die from it because the AMA and FDA haven’t informed anybody how easy it is to cure. In fact almost ALL cancers are easy to cure, but tht is another story.

So now I will try AGAIN to write a weekly blog and since this IS my business we site, I will try to restrict my blogs to anything in the legal profession and believed me there are tons of fodder as we see on the nightly news every night and as usual, I am always open to suggestion.

One of the problems I encoutered and wrote about when I first started my blog was I was getting THOUSANDS of hits, only to realize that the parasites were attaching themselves to my blog so THEY they will get noticed. So if you write, PLEASE be somewhat re;event. I AM a great believer in Freedom of Speech, but this blog is about the legal profession. I don’t want to be getting emails from auto mechanics talking about cars et al

So please feel from to write and if I think you are being a jerk, I will tell you then block you. But if you have something relevant please share.

My latest absurdity is the women who got her cell phone stuck in her vagina and got $1.8 Million in damages. What exactly was her loss?Did it permanently damage her vagina so she could not enjoy sex anymore? Giw di you actually PROVE that. I suppose she has to have sex with many men to find out

But in any case, if you have heard of or been involved in any similar such absurdity when it come to the law, lawyers and judges, tell us about it. I often wonder about judges who even allow thee cases to proceed.

So, bye for now

Robert J.  Phillips-Bob

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