I have been a Document Examiner/Handwriting Expert for almost 45 years. Sadly, most attorneys, who suspect that they MIGHT b on the wrong side of the case are not really looking for the truth. Since 95% of ALL cases settle anyway, an attorney working on a contingency who suspects his client is not telling the truth after he decides to take the case-IE he was deceived and fooled by his/her client wants to get as much as he/she can out of the case and often to do that they will hire an expert, who on the surface seems qualified as long as they don’t look too closely. Their goal is to stall and delay to wear down the opposition especially if they are poorer/weaker than their client and don’t  the money for protracted litigation even if they are absolutely right. This is why the wealthier client always seems to get a more favorable settlement even if they are wrong. Judges often play a role in this, especially if they have a crowded docket and want to “get rid” of cases. The bottom line is that the poorer litigant ALWAYS GETS  SCREWED unless they have an attorney with integrity who wants to help a poorer client such as those young principled attorneys I often find working at VIP(Volunteers for the Indigent Program in Philadelphia) or other similar programs around the country such as Community Legal Service in Philadelphia or Legal Aide throughout the country.

Today with the internet it usually easy to find a competent expert or incompetent one if that is your choice so you can delay the case and hope for the best if your case is weak. The name of the game in those cases is to put in minimal effort and hope for the best, telling your client: “That’s the best I could do” They certainly DO NOT want to put in more hours at their hourly rate than they have hope of recovering in a settlement. These attorney don’t mind taking these cases as long as at the end of the day they can’t make some money that exceeds the time spent. To make up for this, they file a volume of these cases so that the total earnings exceeds the time they put in yet they will tell the client, if they are disappointed that was the best they could do given the weakness of their case that they are all too willing to point out to their client.

Let’s face it ALL attorney want a case that will yield a LOT of money with minimal effort Ie “wealthy lawyer gets rear ended by oil truck and is crippled for life” A lawyer will jump at that case. But if your case has the SLIGHTEST weakness-real or imagined the attorney will put out minimal effort then suggest you jump at the first offer since you will likely not do better at trial as long as the offer exceeds the time spent on the case.


To be sure, I HAVE encountered honest, hard working whose goal is to seek justice for their client, even if they don’t make a lot of money. They figure they will be rewarded for their efforts on the next case and it makes them feel good that they could help. For all you Chrstians out there, remember was Jesus said: “Bread cast upon the waters cmes back three fold” And the added bonus is: You can sleep soundly at night knowing you helped a fellow human being even if you did not make a ton of money. After all, isn’t that while we are here-to help those less fortunate and complete our mission. Often, the letters I get from appreciative clients don’t have price (www.DocumentExaminer.Org. But  I can sleep at night knowing i did  my best and helped a fellow human being who often through no fault of their own found themselves in a unfortunate situation.

In that sense, I am glad I am toward the end of my career and can now devote my time to writing about the many wonderful experiences I have had and unfortunately, the not so wonderful ones from which I have learned a lot and now can help others(including fellow experts) to avoid the same pitfalls.

Again, isn’t that why we are here to help others?

By the same token, good attorneys are honest, hard working and care about helping their clients and creating positive energy. Unfortunately bad attorneys are dishonest, lazy and only care about themselves and don’t really care about their clients or the bad energy they create. They just don’t realize, it comes back to them in the end. But not just them, they taint the profession and hurt everyone.

You would think that the State Ethics Committees would be eager to get rid of such attorneys but unfortunately such is not the case. My Killian, head of the PA State Supreme Court Ethics Committee covered up what I believe to be blatant unethical conduct of an attorney who threatened to go to the “Authorities” if I filed a law suit against him an his client whom he encouraged to file what he knew was a false law suit against me and of which I have a recorded conversation.

This is why people have little faith that attorneys who commit misconduct will be properly disciplined and little faith in lawyers in general who can commit such blatant misconduct and have it covered up by the PA Supreme Court. And if you ask the public their opinion about attorneys, most people generally have a negative opinion and it is little wonder why when agencies like the PA Supreme Court covers up blatant unethical conduct.

If you have had similar experiences pllease post them on my web site or Facebook. We need to take control of this or we will ALL lose

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