I went to “public” school. My cousin Steve went to Catholic School. We were ALWAYS referred to by his friends, Tommy Claffee,  Joey Boyle et al as “Publics”. As I would later learn on that fateful day in when I was 16 in the library at John Bartram High school where I was a Sophomore  I was goofing off in the library during Study Hall(I often wondered why it was called “study Hall”, we didn’t study in the hall. Most kids just goofed off in the hall while other SERIOUSLY studied in the library annoyed by all the  noise outside(we din’t have “boom boxes” back then-Thank God). Well I at least I was INSIDE the library though, studying I wasn’t. I was goofing off browsing the shelves AND THEN THERE IT WAS-“Robert Saudek-Experiments with Handwriting”-WOW. a light went off in my head. Little did I know that THAT  book would become the foundation of my later career as a Handwriting Expert as I would find no greater books on the subject of handwriting even though they were written around 1928 I never knew there was such a thing existed though I would later learn Julius Ceasar commented about people’s handwriting 2000 years before. His second book “The Psychology of Handwriting” was even more fascinating as I simply didn’t know one could learn about someone’s personality by his handwriting. I later learned as I launched my career as a Handwriting Expert, character was just the tip of the iceberg of all the things handwriting could reveal. EVERYTHING IN THE MIND AND BODY could be discerned, including of all things-Cancer–LONG before it was medically detectable and thus LIFE SAVING but as usual, the medical profession is their never ending quest for profit instead of healing TOTALLY  ignored.

It STILL  amazes and  greatly saddens me that Cancer can be detected in the handwriting up to five years BEFORE  it was medically detectable. I say GREATLY SADDENS  me because 7 members of my family died of Cancer including my Mother and Father and all my favorite aunts and uncles. The  conventional medical profession STILL does not accept that Cancer CAN be detected and EASILY CURED up to five years prior to conventional diagnosis WITH SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS MEGA DOSE OF VITAMIN C BY IV. It is KNOWN that my dog produces up to 40,000 mg of Vitamin C in her Liver EVERY DAY but people can not because of a genetic defect that happened MILLIONS of years ago.

So this will be my life’s work-writing the book about my life at almost  age 70. Its NEVER too late as I learned when I recently heard the story of a black man, wrongly convicted, who spent 36 years in prison,  and sent out the door with the shirt on his back and nothing more, only to realize that in those 36 years he produced HUNDREDS  of water color paintings which now sell for up to hundreds of dollars apiece.

My book will be filled with amazing stories of my life experiences and “forgery” and handwriting cases even I still can’t believe, like the stories of Serial Killer Gary Heidnick and talk show host Kelly Ripa who displayed her own form of evilness

So my book is coming and hopefully this blog will wet your appetite to buy it. You can visit my web site at www.DocumentExaminer.Org

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