This book will be the story of my life and what a story it is

As I have posted elsewhere, I was born 2 months premature w/hydrocephalus SO severe Dr. Sean Grady, the brain surgeon at Penn told my wife and I he had only seen 5 patients  with Hydrocephalus as severe as mine and they were all profoundly retarded, all the rest being dead

My mother was out of it and the doctors were trying to make a decision to save her or me, but we fooled them, we both lived and as Hennie Youngman, the famous comedian of years past said: “I remember the day I was born. I cried like a baby”

I remember being told I was in an incubator for months and as it turned out the high concentration of oxygen “destroyed” my eyes. Many premature babies like me wound up TOTALLY BLIND, but as it turned out I was EXTREMELY nearsighted. My close-up vision was four times greater than normal. God had a plan.

It seems my EXTREME close-up vision was PERFECT for my life’s work as a Questioned Document Examiner, otherwise known as a Handwriting Expert

It was NOT perfect however for my super thick glasses and with my EXTREMELY large head, size 8 5/8th which btw I learned was President Kennedy’s hat size which for him, unfortunately made a very inviting target.

But if you can imagine, this little boy whose head was the same size as it is today on my almost 6 foot frame, it must have made for quite a scene.  I am such a miracle, no one can explain it. Recently when I said to Dr. Hamilton at the Penn Memory Center: “Surely there MUST be others like me, he very gently took my arm and looked me in the eye and tenderly said: “None like you Bob, none like you”

Now if all this were not enough to handle growing up and through my life, I experienced MANY tragedies and hardships: For example, living and working in a Funeral home for four years in college, quite an experience to say the least, which might be the subject of another book later. But I DO want to relay two experiences from those times that had a VERY PROFOUND impact on my life.

Steven Paul Schwartz

Halloween night back in the 70’s, we had a funeral at the funeral home where a BEAUTIFUL  curly 4 year old boy was killed when some EVIL person put a heroin pill in his Halloween bag. I can STILL see that little boys face even though it has been over 50 years ago. Hardly a year goes by that I don’t think of him-the son I never had. Someone told me that he is smiling at me from Heaven every time I remember him.

Patrolman Louis Vasgar

I was having dinner with a date at Kane’s bar, right next to the funeral home where I took all of my dates. There was a movie there that shared their parking lot with the funeral home. As a result, we got free movies every weekend with our dates then had dinner at Kane’s bar. I can still picture the nice waitress Helen

Well this particular evening Bernadette and I were having dinner when Dimmie(Demetrius) came back toward us bleeding. The bar was being robbed. The robbers took the money from the register and headed for the door. Suddenly they saw brim of a police officers caps. There was a big fat guy at the end of the bar and as officer Vasgar opened the door,  the gunman blew his brain out right in front of my face. I remember discussing it the next day at my criminology class at Temple, stil shaken by what happened.

As I said, I experienced MANY tragedies but I realized a couple days ago that my book is about a miracle of survival and though I will try, it is hard to put into words the MIRACLE that is my life in SO many ways, many of those things being AMAZING gifts from God that seemed to just fall into my lap


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