Freedom of speech is something we take for granted in this country, but do we REALLY have freedom of speech? Whose speech is more valuable? Is our speech suppressed or censored? YOU BET IT IS!!!. My recent experience is w/Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. I was a member of Facebook and a group of Poet’s called “Poet’s Haven” and I typed 25 poems for them, only to find that when I asked a friend to review my poems on FB he told me he wasn’t a member so I said: “No Problem, look them up on Google” Surely if they are posted on FB they had to be on Google. No such luck. Apparently Zuckerberg decides what gets on FB. So anything posted there does not automatically go to Google. So exactly how much is he hiding from us? I guess if he can’t make any money off of us he is not interested. So that says a LOT about him and MANY on t net looking to make a LOT of money FAST Do they REALLY think we are that stupid? Well, apparently there are enough for them to continue doing what they are dong until people wise up-To be continued

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