My wife is a professional Astrologer. I on the other hand, am a scientist. I said that rather sarcastically to her when I met her in September of 1978 until she told me to do down to Resorts Casino on 2 days late in November of 1978 where I immediately proceeded to hit t daily number STRAIGHT  to days in a row and thousands  on t slots. WOH!!! I said; “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” Well it turns out that I had the planets Venus Conjunct Jupiter on my “Part of Fortune” one of the seven  mathematical parts/ points in ur atrological chart discovered by the Arabs hundreds of years ago.

No professional astrologer will admit this to you but there are MANY brokers on the market today  who make MILLONS on the market using astrology. We all know that EVERYTHHNG  on t market is TIMING so you want to pick the best time to invest and THEY know the best times(Avoid “Moon Void of Course”-I will explain later

So back to my Mother and Wife and telling the truth. One of the things that Gloria explained to me, discovered by a BRILLIANT  teacher of hers, Dr. Marc Edmond Jones a PREMIER researcher in Astology who lived to 97 years discovered that at t moment a person is born they may have certain planets that are visible in the sky-above the horizon while others are not visible and the earths orbit relative to theirs may  be appearing to be going backwards in t sky IE traveling slower than t other planets. That is called “retrograde”. People talk about that a lot when the Planet Mercury is retrograde(don’t start ANYTING NEW DURING MERCURY RETROGRADE-WHY? THE INTENDED PURPOSE WILL NOT HAPPEN-YOU CAN REPEAT SOMETHING OLD FROM BEFORE THAT FAILED AND IT WILL HAPPEN).

So Dr. Jones discovered that people who have planets above the horizon when they are born where the earth is moving faster relative to those planets IE,  the planets are “retrograde” relative to the earth have UNCOMPROMISING INTEGRITY They are in a relentless search for the truth and won’t give in until they find it. WELL FOLKS-THAT IS ME-I AM IN A RELENTLESS SEARCH FOR TRUTH PLANETS ABOVE T HORIZON THAT R RETROGRADFE(MOVING BACKWARDS RELATIVE TO THE EARTH MEANS THAT ACCORDINNG TO DR JONES).

Well folks that is WHY I had to give up my journalism career. Journalists are NOT  interested in the truth-(a few poor ones maybe)

This is WHY I am drawn to FB, even though most are incompetent liars, AT LEAST I CAN TELL T TRUTH AND I DON’T GIVE A F—- who doesn’t like it. And I am in a search for people like me and have only found a couple, I mention on FB.

So if you agree w/any of this write me back or post on FB

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