Expert reports and testimony only have value if they are: Honest, detailed, relavent and comply with prevailing case law and accepted scientific authority. Experts who meet these criteria seldom disagree in the matter in question with the opposing expert-perhaps 1% of the time.

It then comes down to the expert’s ability to convey those findings in a detailed, thorough and objective manner that does not contradict itself or ANY prior testimony on a similar case.

Unfortunately that is seldom the case.

Since 95% of all cases settle many lawyers reason why bother to hire a highly qualified experienced  and expensive expert  for most cases, especially if the other side doesn’t have one since as is the case with my work, signatures and writing can be proven can be “proven” with the testimony of someone who is familiar with the writing of the person whose signature is disputed as long as the opinion is not biased for any reason and is honest. Credibility of the witness goes to the weight given to it.

But herein lies the issue of the client contacting the expert and NOT the attorney. In signature cases, the client is seldom objective and may say or do something to try to influence the expert’s opinion. Honest experts DO NOT put themselves in that position even though they may be totally honest. You simply can’t stop a jury from believing otherwise because of the public perception that experts ALWAYS  disagree, which is certainly NOT the case. Dishonest experts disagree not honest ones, but lacking the experience of most  judges who have seen it all, laymen can’t always tell who is honest and who is not. There are MANY experts who make a very nice living slanting the truth to take advantage of the ignorance of a jury or even a judge. Experts are experts becasuse they do in fact know more than the judge and jury, which is why it is imperative to show in court that the expert IS in fact following the prevailing science and case law and has done so in ALL of his.her prior cases. This is exactly why the attorney MUST take command in ANY case where an expert is involved.

But today, not only are attorneys NOT hiring experts when they should, but they are abandoning their responsibility by letting the client do it, given what I said above. They are playing Russian Roulette with the case to simply save a few dollars in a case that will settle anyway. They simply don’t understand that the value of a good expert will win them substantially more than the fees that expert might charge. So not only are they CHEAP but LLAZY too. So they make it up on volume. The name of the game for some lawyers(many?) is minimal effort and expense/maximum gain–and certainly NOT justice for their client who is in the dark about a lot of these things and will not liely succeed in a malpractice suit even if they were unless the violation is egregious. Unfortunately being cheap and lazy are not unethical.

What is more egregious is the thousands of legitimate cases that go unprosecuted because the lawyers deems they simply just won’t make enough money to justify the effort. Many lawyers think the matter is a loss if they don’t recover MORE than what their hourly rate is for the time they spent  as if they are entitled to a dividend for doing what they should be doing anyway–their job.

I can’t even begn to count the number of cases where I earned hourly fees that FAR exceed the actually hours I spent on the case, but I still made money which as one old lawyer friend told me: “its better than a shap stick n the eye” but MOST importantly, I help the client  get SOMETHING. I am reminded of the litigant who complained to the judge about not getting justice in hiis case and Oliver Wendall Holmes stated: “Sir, this is a court of law, NOT a court of justice.

This is EXACTLY what you can expect if the attorney allows the client to have ANY contact with the expert outside of their presence and without their knowledge and consent. The attorney is the manager of the case and MUST know everything that is going on and will only have themselves  to blame if they lose. How do you stop a jury from believing the testimony was NOT tainted? You don’t

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There are a lot of VERY smart in this country who know a LOT about a LOT of things or are experts in different subjects whose knowledge in those subjects are far superior even to so called top experts, yet never get the chance to tell anybody, perhaps because they don’t try or  no one will listen or they just don’t get the chance.

Sadly, the media will only give voice to those who can raise their ratings and many experts are just too introverted or just don’t get the opportunity to share what they know.

The end result is that important knowledge that could help many or even save lives is often suppressed by those in control.

A glaring example of this is Dr. Emanuel Rivici, now deceased who received a patton on over 100 miracle drugs such as Purse, a drug that stops a heroin addiction in three days. Today 1000 people die every day from heroin over doses as great cost to the tax payers. And there are numerous similar examples.

But all is not lost. We have more power than we realize. I once called my Congressman EVERY day for 2 1/2 years to address an issue and we ALL  have that power if we only to exercise it.

A simple five minute phone call a day-EVERY DAY can not be ignored forever.

If Congress were to suddenly get one milion phone calls from around the county, they would HAVE to listen to us.

So what are YOU waiting for

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Despite how the world has change so profoundly in the last few years, much less since the Industrial Revolution, the formula for success hasn’t really change so much. What HAS changed is that few businesses  and people follow the formulas for success that have been established for hundreds of years, namely uncompromising integrity and very hard work.

But most companies and people create their own obstacles to success because success comes with responsibility and many have fear of failure in being able to meet those responsibilities which often causes us to settle for less than what we KNOW  what we can do since risking failure is too hard to bear. We don’t have the confidence to really push ourselves. We do what we feel comfortable doing, not what we KNOW we should be doing, but putting aside that fear and uncertainty with techniques such as meditation allows us to relax and it is a proven fact, our most creative moments come when we are relaxed and happy. If there are more serious stresses n our lives holding us back such as illness, marital problems etc., they MUST  be dealt with by whatever means necessary including medical intervention. But putting this aside, there are many areas of our life that need attention such as family, church, recreation. Workaholics really are not successful people. Working more is not the answer. The physical, mental and emotional fatigue they cause throws our whole life out of balance. There is a fine line between working hard and being obsessed. Fear is NEVER the answer to success.

When we pressure ouselves and become fatigued is when we begin to cut corners. Who is going to know? On the surface to those on the outside people may not be aware at first, but WE will know and cutting corners WILL eventually reveal itself.

A dear, now deceased, friend of mine in reviewing the MBA programs of today as opposed to the past made an interesting observation. Many programs today have triedd to reduce business to an exact science about what to do and when. But he observed, many of these programs lack one thing, courses in ethics. It seems today that the ends justifies the means as long as the law is not broken(and sometimes it is). The focus is on the bottom line. But there are ethical and moral rules, though not illegal if not followed create serious repercussions if not followed. Customers WILL punish you if they feel your cost cutting is going too far at the expense of the product or service. Good will, it seems has been lost. Remember what God said. “Bread cast upon the waters, comes back threefold” Things are not always “strictly business”. Nor should they be. A little bit of “good will” can  go a long way. A drug company making a generous gift of drugs to the poor is NOT good will if they are all expired, which the company gets a nice tax cut for the donation. It seems that whatever business can get away with is OK. They push it to the limit.  They think people are powerless to do anything.

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Now in today’s era of modern medicine and computers, have things REALLY changed from what they were at the dawn of civilization from the times of the Greeks, Jews, Chinese, Indians and, of course cave men and women Are we REALLY better off, living longer,  healthier, better,  more relaxed and happier lives. One could argue that the average life span 100 years ago wasn’t very high, but that was because infant mortality was very high. By the same token, stress levels were much lower and life was less hectic as long as there was ample food and nature seems to have provided. Animals have survived millions of years without having to go to the “Supermarket” and man did too. Human life is millions of years old if the fossils are to be believed.

So I ask again. Are we better off? Have things REALLY better? Do we REALLY  need all that we have today to be happy and survive. There have been people who have lost millions yet still survived. I read that if you have some loose change laying around the house, you have more money than 2 Billion people who live on the planet. Do the Billionaires REALLY need all that money?

So back to the point of this blog. What is the price for good health, or perhaps more importantly, what price do we pay for bad health and can we control that? How much money do we REALLY need and can we can control that.

Well, I am here to tell you that EVERYBODY can live a life in virtually perfect health in life with all the wealth we need  eating the food God gave the cave men–even growing the food in our back yard or a food co-op for people who don’t have their own yard. As for money, most peoplle are smart enough to study what works in the market and what doesn’t and to start saving 20% of their earning beginning with the first job out of school at age 18. Why don’t they do that? Whose fault is it?

Well, I hate to say this, but the young people of today BETTER do that or they simply  will not survive. Doesn’t it make sense to keep and maintain control over your life from an early age. What does it take to exercise for an hour every day? Or even less. What does it take to save? I am 67 years old and have Never owned a new car. Yet hardly a month goes by that someone knocks on my door and wants to buy my 1980 Malibu or my 78 Caprice that was given to me by my late father-in-law.  I haven’t been on a vacation in 17 years. I have a beautiful yard and enjoy lounging in the sun and playing w/my Golden Retriever. I visit friends who own houses down the shore or in Florida and they are glad to see me.  I buy VERY expensive men’s shoes that last 15 years being re-soled when needed-same for suits-Brooks Brothers than can be altered when needed. Most of he food I eat is organic and naturally grown, much  right in my back yard.


The only thing that bothers me about money is all the crooks that earn it dishonestly in vast amount they don’t need, nor do they share it to help people but waste it on things that NO ONE needs, like the $12 Million Rolls Roye someone had made for themselves or the millions spent on lavish jewelry that no one really needs.

It is indeed very sad that most people today  walk around in a fog today functioning on “auto-pilot” when an hour(or less) of daily meditation could make all the difference in the world as well as an hour(or less) of reading the classics or an hour(or less) of daily exercise. When I worked a regular job, during my lunch hour I ate then spent the remaining time walking. On the subway home, I meditated. I got to the point where I completely blocked out the sound of the subway. Unfortunately I did not save and am now paying the consequences, though I DO consider myself fortunate in that I own my home and there is food on the table and nice clothes on my back-things that millions don’t have. But the greatest gift I have is my health having survived cancer and lastly self-knowledge which is a never ending quest. Another gift I have is the ability to help people, the rewards of which can not be measured in the eyes of God. A brief example of this is as follows:  I was walking the dog around the lake and happened to meet a women and we started to talk. I always tell people how I cured my cancer–The Budwig diet. Well as it turned out, this women was just diagnosed with breast caner. Well recently I saw her again and she said to me: “I want to thank you. You saved my life. After I met you, I did the Budwig diet and now I am cancer free” How do you put a price on that? It does not take much effort to be kind.

Part of knowing yourself is discovering the gifts God gave you and using them to make yourself and others happy and prosperous. It would be sad to waste them since God gave them to you and our mission on this life is to help other people.


I don’t know who will read this, but you can visit me on Facebook if you do and let me know what you think. You can find me under Robert J. Phillips, Document Examiner, or my name plus Audubon, New Jersey on my private Facebook account


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There is an ancient Viking oracle called the  Runes. One of the Runes is “Gateway-The Place of Non-Action. In relevant part it says:…”The gateway is not to be approached without contemplation….Now is not the time to make decisions. Visualize yourself standing on a gateway on a hill top. Your entire life lies out behind you and below. Before you step through, pause and review the past-the learning and the joys,; the victories and the sorrows–everything it took to bring you here. Observe it all, bless it all and release it all.  For in letting go of the past, you reclaim your power”

Does a writer really want to do this, especially his anger over the many injustices he has experienced that need balancing and correcting. Is it up to him or as so may say: “Put in in God’s hands and move on”

I am reminded of a cartoon I saw in the New Yorker. A young college graduate is sitting on the ledge of a tall building writing his parents a suicide note: “Dear Mom and Dad. You have given me a happy life and all that I needed. I will NEVER become a writer”

Isn’t that what writers do–dredge up and live in the past. Why  would anyone want to re-live all their pain and suffering.  Well it has been said that those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them(find quote).

Well not only do WE have to learn from our own mistakes and not repeat them, but don’t our parents  teachers and others  and in fact history itself give us lessons to help us avoid their mistakes in the future.

So–do we REALLY want to forget the past and move on in our quest to reach the impossible-perfection? Or is it a learning opportunity  for which we should be grateful


Well–What do you think?

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CONFUCIUS SAY: “Nothing new under the sun”

Well, I don’t know how he felt about the moon, but at least we know there is nothing new under the Sun.

When I was at Temple in the 60’s and 70’s, as a shy young man in my early twnties, I was overwhelmed at the number of students there and how difficult it was  for me to meet people. I later realized that the people God wants you to meet, he will arrange for that. One such person I met was a Chinese student who uttered those words to me. Often times, I learned more from the myriad of cultures I encountered at Temple than from the professors.

But, In fact a book I read suggests this may be all preordained by choice BEFORE we are born. In his book: “The Journey of Souls” the author Michael Newton goes so far as to say that before you are born into this life, after your last life time, there is a place called: “The place of recollection” where you will meet the souls that will have a significant impact on your life, whether it is a fleeting moment, such as the moment my father raised me up to shake the hand of former President Kennedy when he came to Philadelphia on July 4, 1962, totally unaware of the profound impact he would have on a handwriting case I would be involved with him and the things I would learn about him that few people know even to this day Or the profound impact my wife of almost 30 years would have not to forget my dear friend Eileen whom I met by chance on a picture taking jaunt around Audubon lake one fateful day many years ago that has profoundly  changed my life forever. Newton puts forth compelling proof of this from hundreds of past life regressions, one of which I experienced detailed elsewhere. Only a fool closes their minds to these things. Billions of people around the world hold to these beliefs and compelling scientific evidence exists also found in a book by Ian St4evenson a college professor who wrote a book called “Sixty Cases Suggestive of of Reincarnation”

My point is that you do not have to worry about getting what you need in life, God or the Universe, depending on your belief will provide, if you have faith and don’t allow your free will to muck things up too much. Plan and make goals for the future and focus your efforts each day on moving those plans forward, after you meet the required needs of your life at the moment. But most importantly listen to what God and the universe are telling you and the only way you can do that is through prayer and meditation. Prayer is asking God or the universe what your purpose is and meditation is listening for the answer, though the answer may come in a variety of ways such as these chance encounters I mention.

I firmly beleived that we are here in this life to fulfill a purpose. Generally it is to help people, but specifically it is to utilize the specific skills and knowledge we have gained that adds the piece to the puzzle of God’s or natures overall plan and the reason we have so much turmoil is that so many people are NOT doing what God wants them to do, but instead what THEY think is the right things to do and this is usually motivated greatly by self-interest, NOT the needs of others whom God has sent us here to help.


When my phone rings, the way I look at it is that God is sending me that person to help them and if, for whatever reason I can’t, I have to find someone who CAN

But getting back to our old friend Confucious  and “Nothing new under the sun” What ever service we are providing is not something new that someone else has not allready provided to someone else. What IS new about it is, the unique time, place and person to whom the service is provided. It may be just the thing that person needed to hear at that perticular moment that may help them resolve a major problem or issue.

This goes directly to the point of why a writer needs to write. He or she is NOT going to provide information that has not been heard or written about many times before. No one person has the answers to ANYTHING. But for that one brief moment in time when a potential reader is browsing the shelves, they may not realize it, but they are looking for answers to a current problem and God is or the universe is guiding them right to it. Sometimes we are not necessarily looking for an answer at the moment, but it is in our subconscious sending out thoughts at the speed of light and a receptive soul who gets them and rushes to the rescue.

Some years ago, I remember a psychic from Philadelphia, Valery Morrison who had a letter of appreciation on her wall from the CIA thanking her for her help. It seems that she and a number of other famous psychics would meditate in a room toegether and focus on the question at hand about what might be inside the Kremlin in Russia. As was later verified, the information they retrieved in this way proved to be astoundingly accurate.


How could this be? Well, when you understand that EVERYTHING is energy with very little sold matter in the universe. It is very easy to understand. Brian Green in his classic book: “The Elegant Universe” demonstrates that Physics has proven that everything that exists in our universe was compressed into a particle that would make a grain of sand look HUGE. And in his subsequent book: “The Fabric of the Cosmos” about string theory he suggests that there may be in infinite number of these particles that come into and go out of existence over the eons of time

So when we as writers write something, it is NOT that it is new and profound to the world, but to the reader who is reading it because God whispered to them thatthis might provied an immediate answer to the problem perplexing them at the  moment

This happens to me all the time when I have a health problem. The answer often mysteriously shows up in a article I am reading or a show I am watching on TV.

So the bottom line is that DO   NOT be discouraged from writing because the information you are conveying may be just the thing someone needs to hear that could even save their life I will close with a case in point I may have mentioned elsewhere. Last year, I was walking my beloved Golden Retriever Gracie around the lake and happened to strike up a conversation with a woman and  since I had cancer was discussing various cancer cures listed on, one of which is the Budwig Diet. She was a doctor in Hungary in the 1950’s. She had two medical degrees and a Phd is Physics and she made a simple discovery that if you mix 2/3 cup of cottage cheese and six tablespons of flax seed oil together and have this every day, she found there was a 90% chance it would cure their cancer.

So a year later, don’t I see the same woman and she says: “I want to thank you. You saved my life. I am cancer free after doing the Budwig Diet”

So the bottom line is, don’t be discouraged about writing and getting your message out. The person or peoplle who need to hear it WILL, even if you DONT make a million, you could save a life and HOW do you put a price on that?

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“He ran 100 yards as machine gun bullets hit all around him and the 88 fired a couple rounds at him but he dived into a shell hole and the enemy mchachine guns converged their fire on it” A comrade later wrote: (He was a madman now and walked to the 88mm(machine gun) firing his rifle from his hip. He had apparently forgotten the other two machine guns…He reached a point about ten yards from the weapon and wiped out the five man crew with a long burst of fire…The third machine gun opened fire from about 20 years away and its first burst wounded him, making him stagger, but like a wounded lion, he charged the gun at half run…killing the two man crew with a single burst”….It was his last act and he fell, mortally wounded…” In another incident, the fighting was hand to hand and the US Soldier soon realize he was the only American left. He heard the Germans debating his fate and suddenly hear a click of a weapon and started saying his prayers. All of the sudden a rocket came out of nowhere and killed the Germans and left him without a scratch. In fact, it was often the case where shells came out of nowhere killing everyone within 30  yards, friend or foe. I remember my dad saying that the Germans were so close you could hear them talking at night and patrols were send out to assess their positions or even try to capture one of them to try to get strategic information about  troop positions or size. Thes patrols were often sent out late at night or in the early morning hours. I later found out, my dad was on one such patrol and when the sun came up had to play dead on the beach as German soldiers walked among the bodies sticking them with bayonets.

I heard this account, not from my father, but from others he told some time later. I never knew the details of my father’s service to our country until years later.My father was later blown out of his fox hole and sustained   a serious back injury. I still remember the scar in the shape of a crucifix on his back as I removed blackheads from for him as a child but he never told me any details.

What I did see, however, was my father’s heavy drinking and horrible abuse to my mother and complete lack of responsibility causing us to be thrown out of where we were living 8 time by age 14.

Having been estranged from my father, years later, I learned he was dying of cancer, I realized there was only one thing to do, go to the hoospital and thnak him for the gift of life he gave me and forgive him. He died in peace not long after hearing those words



I have to say, right up front. THIS BLOG IS AN EXERCISE IN FREE SPEECH AND IS MY OPINION ONLY. It is also not meant as a diatribe about the conduct of  specific lawyers. If one is interested in such things, the proceedings of the various disciplinary boards will provide ample fodder to satisfy your interest-and quite interesting readings they are.  After forty years, I have gotten pretty good at figuring out who the honest, competent and hard working ones are and I prefer to deal with them. When it comes to disputed writing cases, it is really quite simple for the lawyer in principle. He simplay has to folow the prevailing case law and the authoritative literature. In practice though it may be quite another story. Getting the required information for the expert to reach a proper conclusion that will withstand rigorous cross examination is quite another matter and many attorneys simply don’t want to put out the time and effort to do so. I don’t work for lazy, cheap lawyersbut I feel very bad for the clients of such lawyers.

Quite frankly, the legal system is truly only available to the wealthy. Oh sure we have the Public Defenders offices and various Community Legal Services and Legal Aid. But those poor lawyers, idealistic they may be, can not possibly adequately handle the 50 cases or more they find on their desks each day when they come into the office and like ANY profession, you don’t learn everything there is to know in school. As well meaning and superior as the education is in many of the top schools(and I am not going to even broach the subject of the many lesser known schools which don’t have the reputation but can be just as superior), it is VERY doubtful the teachers in those schools teach lawyers to do what a lot of them do today in the “real world” such as lawyers on on TV, which I will touch on below and which most members of the public not only find distasteful but downright disgusting and an embarrassment that few seem to be in any hurry to change. What a MAJOR  mistake it was allowing lawyers to advertise, like Pandoras box that can not be closed now. What all this means, however, is that possibly tens of thousands of litigants with valid cases, many of limited tort do not have access to the courtto receive justice because the cost benefit ratio to many lawyers simply does not justify the  time and expense. But if these lawyers on earn $10,000 on the case, it is money they did not have and just imagine the good will created by helping someone.


Unfortunately many lawyers today view their jobs as a way to make large amounts  of money–QUICKLY, primarily for themselves.For many, the ideals they entertained when entering law school, vanish when it comes down to making a living. Fortunately, this is not the majority, but such lawyers taint the public’s opinion of the profession in general. The majority of the public view lawyers negatively because of the behavior and greed of the minority If the client gets some  money so much the better but for that minority we are talking about, that is NOT the goal, but let’s make this crystal clear-most  lawyers are NOT in  the profession to ease a client’s suffering that resulted from the cause of action before them because money alone can not solve many of the consequences foisted on the plaintiff by the misdeeds of the defendant and they are not qualified to solve those problems and in many cases nor do they care to, nor do they want to take the time and energy to do so. Unfortunately, today, the attorney does not see it as his job to find physical  mental and emotional treatment for their clients which were the cause of their suffering brought about by the actions of the defendant. It is up to the plaintiff to provide their own treatment AND TO PAY FOR IT!!!

One wonders how much of this is REALLY discussed in law schools

The plaintiff has to provide an “air tight” case to the lawyer, including paying for ALL experts to be used in the case.

Unfortunately, the facts are usually not readily apparent and often require extensive investigation to uncover facts that the defendant is trying very hard to conceal. There are very few cases such as “up and coming brain surgeon get’s rear ended by an oil truck and is a cripple for life, but the “ambulance chasers’ don’t stop trying.


Let’s face it, the cost of litigation being what it is today a plaintiff’s lawyer will simply NOT take a case unless it is pretty much open and shut, yet as I said, determining that often requires LOT of work the plaintiff”s counsel is unwilling to do KNOWING the alleged defenses raised by the defendant’s counsel are manipulations of the truth if not outright lies KNOWING there will NEVER be consequences for those lies which the plaintiff’s own lawyer will give credibility to to make some quick easy money

This is how the “game” is played, unless the plaintiff is wealthy and can actually pay for the investigators, experts and lawyers to ferret through the garbage raised by the defense

Everybody KNOWS the system is a FARCE  and the poor and middle class suffer the most and the people with the power to change things have NO interest in doing so.

But the most inexcusable behavior behavior in all this is not the lawyers, but the judges(former lawyers) they know only too well how the system works and what the truth is in a case pretty quickly but since most judges are political appointees they serve  the interests of those who appointed them, not the people Similar to my work as an expert, 90% of all forgeries are grossly  obvious but the legal and scientific hoops I have to jump through to prove that makes the process too expensive for the people who suffer the most.  Judging by who is suing who, the judges seem to making the decision to get rid of the “riff raff) who clog the courts. And even worse than the judges are the law makers, who also know the system since they are almost all lawyers who make very little effort to see that those individuals who seek justice have a snowball’s chance of getting.

But I have saved the best for last. Don’t lawyers realize how the public perceives the absurdity of the lawyer huksterers on TV which make a mockery of decent professionals who despise them, but hey-its Freedom of Speech they claim and they are making lots of money just like they were taught to do in law school–or were they.


Does anyone REALLY  care. Apparently not

So what is the answer?


Please tell me



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With the election of Donald Trump as President, we have been hearing a lot of talk from him about bad judges,  especially the ones who disagree with him. Justice is blind so they say, but is it really? Why is there so much controversy over the recent pick for the Supreme Court. President Obama, who had the right to pick a new judge before he left office was met with cries that he should wait for the new REPUBLICAN President to make the pick. Should it really matter? Are not judges supposed fair, objective, honest, impartial with superior knowledge and experience of the law and a sincere desire to ferret out the truth from litigants not always willing to give it. I am reminded of the words of Supreme Court Justice William Jennings Bryant when he would pound his gavel at the beginning of a court case and announce” Let the perjury begin” Are judges  REALLY interested in the truth if it doesn’t jibe with the view of the President or whomever picked them or the party they belong to. Do people REALLY believe judges are honest and fair and are looking for the truth? I doubt it. We all know that most lawyers are not. This is why most people don’t trust lawyers. Honest lawyers usually starve. As my one friend pointed out, the majority of  lawyers and judges are honest. My response: “its the other 49% I worry about.” That’s a LOT OF LAWYERS FOLKS.

In my over 40 years as an expert with over 500 court appearances (, I have experienced many instances of blatant incompetence from judges if not outright dishonesty(Abscam) I write about one on my blog about the case of Hadassa Azizi v. Robert Phillips(me)Here was a woman who conspired with her business partner to cheat the tax payers of NY out of the sales tax on $1Million dollars from her liquor store BY HAVING HIM “FORGE” HER SIGNATURE AND CLAIMING HE STOLE THE INVENTORY FROM HER FOR HIS STORE.  I did not know this of course so I concluded the  records were forgeries, having been signed unbeknownst by me  by the partner, but Azizi never paid my fee to come to court even though she signed my testimony agreement and she lost the case. Lo and behold I get a law suit in the mail where she blames me for losing her case for not coming to court and in an unfortunate twist of fate, in heading to court on the day, pulled out my file only to realize that I had another case w/the same name and brought the wrong file to court. After explaining the problem to Laskin, I requested a continuance n the case to retrieve the correct file NINE times on the record. He refused and a judgement was entered against me. Now if that were not bad enough, I appealed the case myself to the Appellate Court and after hearing the facts, they refused to overturn the judgement of Laskin. So was the court interested in justice, fairness, honesty-obviously not. How could they be that stupid. Well obviously they are not stupid. Dishonest in protecting a stupid and dishonest judge–by all means. I gve them solid proof Azizi lied.


So here we are today many years later and the incompetent/dishonest judge this time is David M. Ragonese and arbitrator Donald S. Ryan((Hawkins v. Phillips(CAN-SC-OOO-207-15). At the arbitration I was unable to locate my original notes of my conversation with Mr. Hawkins. I subsequently located them and they totally contradicted his sworn testimony. Be that as it may, however, I testified to what Hawkins and I agreed to and that testimony was ignored by the arbitrator. Verbal agreements are acceptable in New Jersey and my notes confirm out verbal agreement. I also record my conversations but was unable to retrieve the recording.

Mr. Hawkins hired me as an expert in a petition challenge case involving allegedly forged signatures. He called on a Friday for a hearing on Monday and as an act of kindness, I waived my rush fee and charged him $2000 but he sent $1000 with the papers deciding what HE wanted to pay. Now he  obviously had SOME  intent to hire me. Lawyers don’t go around sending experts a thousand dollars out of the kindness of their heart so I did an initial review over the weekend which was inconclusive. I told Hawkins I would need to come to court to see the originals(my original hope in reviewing the copies is that sometimes in can be determined that a group of signatures was all signed at once)

Instead, what I get was a law suit requesting the return of his fee because he didn’t get anything for his money.(I spent the weekend studying hundreds of signatures) He may have thought he was buying a favorable opinion, but an inconclusive opinion is STILL an opinion. But the REAL crusher was that in his suit, he claimed I was a crook  running a criminal enterprise under RICO, a federal crime in FEDERAL court. Of course, this was a total lie and he offered no proof so I filed a counter suit for defamation. Every expert I know has a non-refundable retainer as it prevents them from being hired by anyone else.

The day of the hearing, he claimed he was busy with other matters and requested a telephone conference which Ragonese allowed even though I was just as busy and was sick with cancer. His claim was that he could not be sued for anything he said in court so my counter claim was dismissed. Apparently he and Judge Ragonese think it is OK to file false claims without any proof in court with no sanction.

As with the Azizi case, when the case was sent to arbitration, the arbitrator Donald Ryan ignored the evidence and ruled I had to return the fee, even though as a general rule, expert retainers are non-refundable and Hawkins agreed with this This was discussed with Hawkins in a recorded conversation which unfortunately I can not locate at the moment, but I did locate the notes of my conversation which were done during the normal course of business and are presumed genuine unless clear and convincing evidence can show they are false.

Unfortunately these arbitrations are a total  boondoggle. The arbitrators get paid hundreds of dollars and can rule any way they want withouut giving a reason in writing and most litigants can not afford the cost of the appeal

I now can prove that EVERYTHING Hawkins said in his pleadings and on the record was a total lie and I just got a notice the case is closed.


It is preposterous to think that a judge of Ragones alleged knowledge and experience would allow a litigant such as Hawkins make such an outllandish claims, which I now know were a total lie without ANY proof whatsoever. To me, in my opinion, it casts substantial doubt on his competence and objectivity and whether he should still be permitted to continue to sit on the bench. Bad judges need to stop protecting dishonest lawyers otherwise a litigant has no hope of receiving justice. But I doubt anyone in Camden cares


These comments are absolutely true and are being made during the course of litigation and are made under my rights of free speech under the FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and I welcome dissenting views.




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