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Examining Documents, Setting Professionals' Minds at Ease

You never have to wonder about whether a signature is genuine or not when you hire Robert J. Phillips & Associates for document examination and handwriting identification. Our Audubon, New Jersey, document examiners and handwriting experts help you more accurately deduce the authenticity of documents affecting your practice or business. We've been helping the professional community in the Philadelphia area authenticate documents for more than 35 years, and now we'd like to help your enterprise avoid financial distress and successfully litigate your case with our services. Contact us today to start examination on your first document case.

Who Benefits from Our Services?

Attorneys, Banks, Insurance Companies, Private Investigators, Credit Card Companies, Corporations, and companies large and small, and Private Citizens.

"...(c)andidly, as I look at the signature myself and listen to Mr. Phillips, he might be the only witness, quite frankly, in this whole case that I believe because I am not so sure I believe anybody else..."
- Judge Olivieri

"I have known Robert Phillips for ten (10) years. I have used him as an expert witness in many Civil and Criminal trials. His work product is of the highest quality. He is an exceptional witness. It is my opinion that he is a pillar in the scientific community. He receives my highest recommendation."- Gerald B. Ingram, Esq., former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney

About Our Owner

Robert J. Phillips & Associates is lucky to be owned and operated by a leader with government training and service experience. He has access to an extensive library of more than 11,000 articles, 2,700 books, and 6,000 court citations covering all known areas of effects on handwriting. His knowledge, experience, and resources allow him to better serve your needs on the most complex cases.

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